We’ll help you understand cognitive function and behaviour then make appropriate recommendations.

There are many different types of cognitive or thinking skills, including concentration, learning, memory, problem solving, planning and speed of thinking. Common behavioural problems include difficulties with behavioural regulation and social interaction. Often there is a link between thinking and behavioural problems.

What can our Neuropsychologists help with?

A neuropsychological assessment can be done at any point throughout the lifespan, but looks a little different depending on the age of the client.

Download the Matrix Neuropsychology services summary here

The types of questions that we can assist with include:

  • Eligibility for funding and supports, including NDIS
  • Diagnosis of ADHD, ASD and learning difficulties
  • School readiness
  • VCE exam modifications
  • Return to work or study
  • Understanding the impact of medical disorders on thinking and behaviour
  • Understanding the impact of trauma on thinking and behaviour
  • Recommendations to improve daily function

What is involved in a Neuropsychological Assessment?

While a paediatric assessment is likely to take between 2-4 sessions an assessment of a young adult or older person may be conducted in a single session. Sessions can be spread out depending on individual need.

Assessments routinely include:

  • A detailed interview and questionnaires to understand the nature of the problem and impact on day-to-day function
  • Face-to-face assessment
  • A separate feedback session
  • A detailed report integrating the above information with individual recommendations
The focus of the interviews and questionnaires will be dependent on the reason for the assessment

We focus on some or all of the following skills:

  • Intellectual function
    (non-verbal assessments available if required)
  • Attention
  • New learning and memory
  • Executive functions, including complex thinking and behavioural control
  • Academic achievement, including specific aspects of literacy and numeracy
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