Vanessa provides practical, real-life strategies based on the presenting concerns

Dr Vanessa Petersen,

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr Vanessa Petersen is a Clinical Neuropsychologist who is passionate about helping children and adults improve their lives. Vanessa’s assessments help to clarify diagnoses, which provides a framework to better understand a client’s challenges and adapt approaches. She also provides practical, real-life strategies and recommendations that are based on presenting concerns; a profile of thinking strengths and difficulties; diagnoses; and a client’s experiences in different settings such as school, study, work and personal life.
Vanessa completed a Doctor of Clinical Neuropsychology at Monash University, and is a Psychology Board-Approved Supervisor. She has experience working in a child and youth mental health setting where she provided diagnostic assessments and recommendations for young people presenting with complex neurodevelopmental disorders (such as Autism, ADHD), behavioural and emotional difficulties. Other experience includes assessing adults presenting with a background of mental health, acquired brain injury, substance use and thinking difficulties; and assessments of adults and older people to clarify changes to the brain and decline in thinking skills.