Dr Linda Gonzalez is the Director of Matrix Neuropsychology and has extensive experience understanding, explaining and supporting complex thinking and behavioural difficulties

Dr Linda Gonzalez,

Clinical Neuropsychologist
Practice Director

Linda is a senior and experienced Clinical Neuropsychologist who is able to determine how a person’s thinking skills relate to their developmental and/or medical history. She has both a Masters and PhD qualification, is a registered Psychologist with endorsement in Clinical Neuropsychology and is a Board Approved Supervisor (4+2 and advanced training programs).
Special interests:
Paediatrics, ADHD, ASD, intellectual disability and learning disorders in child and adults, epilepsy
and trauma.

Since graduating in 1997 Linda has worked in a variety of settings ranging from paediatrics to aged-care, acute neurology to rehabilitation. She has also held academic appointments and continues to lecture to advanced trainees in Neuropsychology. She currently holds a senior position in paediatric neuropsychology and is the director of Matrix Neuropsychology.

Linda has worked in private practice since the late 1990’s offering services to clients of all ages, reflecting her wide range of clinical experience. Her approach is warm, encouraging and individual. She takes time to understand her clients and discusses a person’s thinking skills in a way that makes sense to them and those who know them best. She relates the findings of her assessment back to the client’s day-to-day function and personal history, including any relevant accident or illness impacting on brain function. She then uses this information to develop individual strategies to assist with every day function and learning.